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A Letter from Papa

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

My dear Kymani,

It seems that this old man might not get to see your face again before I pass from this life. My bones are now too weak to carry me back, my knees too filled with aches and pains. I know I haven’t written to you and your folks in a while now. That was my mistake.

I know I promised that I’d one day show you the Eastern Light. Oh you were still so little then, I wonder if you even remember. Sadly, I can no longer keep that promise. I myself have yet to see it.

My only regret is that I was never able to see you or your parents again. I told myself that

this quest was important, more important than anything else. But such is the ideals and the

passions of the youth. I wish I’d made better decisions about this pilgrimage. After all,

it’s lonely having to chase something all by yourself.

If you decide to follow the same path your papa did, my only advise to you is this: look

around and look within, because sometimes there’s enough light there already to brighten

your every day.

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